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Catastrophes of the Mind, the second full-length album from Agony by Default, out now!

Stream and purchase here, on Bandcamp, or at virtually any major online retailer!

News and Updates

Split with Catervatim Announced; New Logo and more!


Exciting news for Agony By Default this week;  ABD will be joining forces with fellow Wyoming metal project Catervatim for a split EP sometime in late winter/spring 2018!  The EP will be titled "Chaos and Cataclysm", and will be one hell of a release...combining the blackened, melodic death metal of ABD with the brutal/slam death of Catervatim.  I'm incredibly stoked (and honored) to be a part of such a project and join forces with Travis, who is one talented dude and a good friend of mine.  Keep an eye/ear out for that!

Some of you may have also noticed a new AbD logo popping up in a few places, including here on the official website!  That logo is courtesy of Devin Mayo, an extremely talented artist and musician who does some fucking quality logo and artwork.  If you're in a band and need some good shit done, hit him up!  Devin will also be in charge of the artwork for the upcoming split.

Last, but not least, Catastrophes of the Mind will start popping up on all the major online retailers/streaming sites later this week!  Currently it's only available here and on Bandcamp, but that is changing.  Over the next few weeks, I will also finally be getting the back catalogue of ABD releases onto sites such as Spotify, iTunes, etc. as well.

Thanks to everyone for their undying support!


January 17, 2018



Entire Discography On Sale for 50% Off On Bandcamp!


Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that I have put the entire discography of AbD so far on sale on Bandcamp for 50% off. Literally everything I've released with this project so far for under ten bucks! This includes unlimited streaming (via Bandcamp) AND download (in any format) of the following:

The End of Hope [Demo/EP,2014]
"Regrets" [Single, 2016]
Genocide for Survival [Full-length, 2017]
The Timekeeper [EP. 2017]
Catastrophes of the Mind [Full-length, 2017]

Just scroll down to the "Buy Digital Discography" link to take advantage of the sale price..

But even if you don't want all of that, remember, the brand new full length, Catastrophes of the Mind, is on sale by itself for only $5.

If you enjoy the tunes, please consider purchasing them and helping to support future releases and merch. Unfortunately, music and merch costs money to make/front, and your purchases help make that happen! Help support the scene and the little guys that help make it what it is.



January 4, 2018



Year In Review/Looking Forward to 2018


2017 has been a busy and interesting year for Agony By Default. After resurrecting AbD late last year, I released the first full-length album, Genocide For Survival in February of 2017...and followed that up with The Timekeeper EP in April. And, of course, I capped the year off this month with the release of Catastrophes of the Mind, an album that I'm incredibly proud of and hope you're all enjoying.

Each release has been a blast to write and record, and as always, I feel that constant growth and evolution is the mark of a dedicated and true musician. While the music has remained dark and heavy, and has always come from the heart, each release has come from a different part of me and tells its own story...a story I'm glad that many of you have been a part of, and one that I hope to continue to write and share for quite some time.

I continue to work on music nearly every day, and have much in store for 2018.

I realize that I have not been able to put a lot into merch, or making material more widely available (i.e., iTunes and such). Some of that is a resource/finances issue. I hope to be able to change that in the coming year. As many of you know, I do have a full-time day job and a family which I must provide for.....and being an independent, solo extreme metal musician isn't always easy from the aspect of time and finances.

Thanks to every one of you who have shown their support, and thanks to all of you who keep metal alive and flourishing in general. You all are the real MVPs.



December 30, 2017


Catastrophes of the Mind out now!


Today is the day!  CotM is available here on the official website, as well as on Bandcamp (which gives you a lot more download options, plus unlimited streaming)!  Take a listen, share it with your friends and fellow metalheads, and don't forget to grab it's only $5!

As always, thanks to everyone who has purchased it already, and to all of those who have supported AbD from the very beginning.  It's been awesome, and there's plenty more to come.  Cheers! 



December 22, 2017



Another New Song!

I've decided to throw another new song out there for you guys ahead of the album release on Friday!  "Plague" is actually one of my personal favorites on the album, and I hope you enjoy it.  It can be viewed here on the website, as well as on Youtube, and over on Bandcamp.  It is available immediately along with "Mistress of Agony" for anyone who preorders the album.  Stay tuned for more!



December 20, 2017



New Song and Countdown To Release

Last week I posted the artwork to the upcoming album Catastrophes of the Mind, along with the tracklisting, some teasers, preorder info, new photos, and finally a full single, "Mistress of Agony"!  The response has been awesome, and I'm glad everyone is digging it.  If you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and head to the Music tab of this site, scope out the preorders on Bandcamp, or take a look at the video on Youtube at  The album drops at the end of this week, and preorders are only $5, so get in on this shit!  I've also revived the AbD page as well, so feel free to check that out if you hang out over there.

Much more to come in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!



December 19, 2017



Album Updates and Information

Hey all; I have a bunch of information and updates for everyone.  The writing and recording of the upcoming album is finished, as is much (if not most) of the mixing and mastering process.  So without further ado, here's everything you need to know about it!

The second full-length album from Agony By Default will be titled Catastrophes of the Mind, and will be released on December 22, 2017.  Teasers have been posted on the official Facebook page, along with the official tracklisting, which is as follows:

I.  Premonition [Intro]

II.  Mistress of Agony

III.  Your Gods Still Bleed

IV.  Eternity Stares At Me

V.  I Am A God, and This Is My Grave

VI.  The Darkness Within [Instrumental]

VII. You Believe In A Lie

VIII. Plague

Album artwork, along with a single from the album, will be posted soon!  This is perhaps the darkest, heaviest, and most aggressive AbD release to date...particularly appealing to fans of Behemoth, Dissection, Vehemence, Satyricon and more...and I can't wait to share it with you all!  It will be a monumental end to a busy year for Agony By Default, which already saw the release of the first full-length Genocide For Survival and the follow-up EP, The Timekeeper. I also have plenty in store for the new year as well, so keep an eye out.

Side note:  I will be working on the site periodically over the next few weeks, so some stuff may be missing or incomplete for a while.  I hope to have a revamped/overhauled site completely done by the new year.



December 8, 2017



Agony By Default Returns to the Studio...


After a few months off, I have begun writing material for the next AbD release, and have a whole bunch of cool stuff planned.  Keep an eye out for updates and random shit over the next few months, especially on the Facebook page!

The next release is definitely going to be interesting.  So far I've been going back to a lot of black metal and blackened death that I played early in my career...while still continuing with a lot of the more traditional melodic death metal from Genocide for Survival and The Timekeeper.  It's early in the process so I can't divulge a whole lot, but it's been awesome so far and I can't wait to see where the process takes me. 



November 3rd, 2017




The Timekeeper EP available now!

The Timekeeper EP is now available on this site and on the Bandcamp page!  Give it a listen, and make sure to share it if you dig it!  Also posted on the Facebook page for easy streaming as well!


April 3rd, 2017


More new material!

Thanks a ton to everyone who has streamed, bought, shared, etc.  Genocide For Survival.  I hope you're all digging it!

Over the last few weeks I've already been at work on another, smaller handful of songs for a follow-up EP, which I'm currently putting the finishing touches on.  The new EP is titled The Timekeeper, and it continues down much of the same path that Genocide did...but with some new twists and a bit of a different mood.  I talked about it a little bit on the Facebook page, so I'll just carry that over here:

"I mentioned before that I got back to my roots a little bit on this one. Agony By Default has always had a little bit of old school deathcore elements in it, even on Genocide, but as someone who grew up playing and listening to straight up death metal, black metal, grind, etc., I've slowly gravitated away from the typical modern scene and gotten back towards that. You saw that a little bit with Genocide, but the new EP seems to bring me full circle, which is kindof cool.

This EP is titled The Timekeeper, and lyrically it deals with a lot of existential type stuff that I think about. Life, death, age, the struggle of life, and the passage of time. The album art is a common depiction of the Egyptian god-king Osiris, along with Isis. The story of Osiris (and to a lesser extent, Isis) was the closest thing I could find to represent some of what I was trying to communicate lyrically. It was fitting as well, since there is a lot of Nile influence on this EP musically, a lot of Egyptian-sounding type stuff and whatnot. So it came together really well, even though it's still a bit abstract."

So there you have it.  I think for anybody more into old school, traditional death metal, this will definitely be a nice little gem!  I had a lot of fun with it.

Keep an eye out on the FB page and this site.  Also, I just posted the EP art over there as well, so take a look!


March 26th, 2017

Limited early album release+full album stream!

Hey all!  After finishing the album (finally!) this week, I decided to go ahead and do a limited early release and a full album stream!  The album can be purchased right now on this site as well as on the Bandcamp page (; it will be available everywhere else on the normal release date of 2/17/17.

Additionally, the entire album can be streamed right now on Youtube at

I hope you guys dig the album!  A lot of time and hard work went into this, and I couldn't be more proud of it!  Be prepared to have your faces melted.  There's a ton of material on this release, and it's a pretty dynamic album.  I can safely say it's the most thought-out, varied, detailed release I've ever put out in any band I've been in, and it makes me incredibly excited for the future of this project!

As always, keep an eye out on the Facebook page for news, updates, and more!


February 8th, 2017

Lyric videos...

Two lyric videos have been posted, one for "Regrets" (single released back in November) and the other for the new single, "Shallow Grave", off of the upcoming album Genocide For Survival.  They\re both on Youtube, Facebook, and here on the site.  Enjoy!  If you dig the songs, don't forget to share and spread the word!


January 19th, 2017

Genocide For Survival: Release Date, Preorders, and a new song....

Here we go.  Genocide For Survival, the first full-length album from Agony By Default, will be released on February 17, 2017.  Preorders, album art, and tracklisting are currently up on the Bandcamp page, and the preorder includes instant download (any format) and unlimited streaming of a new single off the album, "Shallow Grave".  The single can also be purchased by itself here on the official website (.mp3 only). Lyrics are available for "Shallow Grave" on both sites as well.

I hope you all dig the new tune!  If not, I can promise you there's a whole lot of different stuff going on with this album, so fear not. I'm stoked to have you guys hear it. Stay tuned for more updates on the album, distribution, and future plans.


January 13th, 2017

Album Title, Updates, and more...

So, I'm about halfway into writing the full length album; thought I'd share a bit about it. This is kinda long, but I wanted to put it out there anyway.

I actually began writing lyrics for this album well before I even picked up the guitar. The more I wrote, the more I realized there was a common theme that I ended up sticking to later on. The result is becoming a semi-concept album, dealing with some controversial subjects and some food for thought concerning the world we live in.

What started as general frustration with modern society, our destruction of the planet, the human race's affinity for self-destruction and conflict, and the general concept of "Idiocracy", became an internal discussion questioning what measures we would have to take to fully reverse everything, to start over, to undo the damage, etc. What would it take to right the ship? To start anew?

As I went down the rabbit hole, I began discussing the controversial concept of population control/reduction, state-sanctioned genocide, and, basically, the concept of a worldwide purge of humanity. A worldwide, collective effort to destroy the human race and start over with a small population of survivors.....the only way to ensure the survival of the planet and of the human race.

There are a lot of parallels so far on this album that will probably be misinterpreted, criticized, etc....and that's fine by me. My lyrics are not for the squeamish. They discuss war, plague, mass suicide, sanctioned genocide, etc. They discuss governments colluding to slaughter most of us. There is even a song entitled "Worldwide Reich", not just addressing that collusion, but actually encouraging it. I'm sure there are plenty of parallels that people will draw and conclusions they will jump to.

But perhaps it will open some people's minds to deeper discussion about what the fuck we're doing a society, to each other, to ourselves, and to this planet. It's a discussion of everything from general, everyday stupidity, to our apparent outright need to fucking destroy everything.

The album is entitled "Genocide for Survival". I will post the artwork tomorrow, which is bad-fucking-ass and I'm stoked about it.


----December 13th, 2016

New Music+Updates...

The moment has finally music from Agony By Default for the first time in over 2 years.  Check out the single "Regrets" here on the official website, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, and more!  It'll be available soon through all major digital retailers (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) as well. "Regrets" was recorded here in my home studio in Laramie, with the help and input of a few awesome people, namely Travis from Only Home (Laramie, WY) and Johnny Dove of everdying (Chicago, IL) and I'm stoked with how it turned out.  It's dark, melodic, and still brutal...and I hope you guys (and girls) dig the shit out of it.

In other news, I'll also finally be getting the old The End of Hope EP up with those retailers soon.  In the meantime, it's back to work as I continue writing and recording material for the full-length album...which I hope to have out in 2017.  This one is going to be a blast; it's shaping up to be a semi-concept album, and I can promise you it's going to be killer....continuing on the same melodic-yet-brutal path that "Regrets" went down.

Anyway, that's all for now.  Stay brutal.



November 22, 2016

Returning from the Ashes...

Hey all!

After nearly two years, Agony by Default is active once again.  Sometimes life gets in the way of things, especially for indie artists...but I've finally been able to pull this project back from the ashes.  I've begun writing and recording material for the next release, and I can tell you I'm incredibly stoked about what's going on here.  I hope to be able to share a song or two with you all very, very soon.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Agony By Default from day one, and I apologize for the long wait.  But AbD is back with a vengeance at last.  Keep an eye out here and on the Facebook page for details and updates.


All the best,

November 2016


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