From the recording Genocide For Survival

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The Black Plague

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Fear for your lives;
There's no running this time.
Lock yourself inside your home;
And make sure you're all alone.

This is the end of days
Now it seems there's no escape
They want this world to end;
The plague is upon this world again.

There's no way out of this hell;
A vital piece to make sure the world fell...
To wipe the scourge from the face of the earth,
Again the Black Plague now proves its worth.

Watch it all burn;
Wipe us from this earth.
Watch it all burn;
Give this race what it deserves.

Cry.....just let us die.

Just let us die.

The sickness that was in our hearts,
Now returned to tear us apart.
The sickness that was in our hearts
Will tear us apart.