From the recording Genocide For Survival

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The Idiocratic Solution

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I create hate.

I thrive on the bitter conflict
I come alive at the satisfaction I get
Showing the world what worthless pieces of shit,
Pathetic wastes of space, you all are.

I create hate.

I find solace in tearing you all down;
I find amusement in watching you all drown.
Circle the drain as you sit and pound your face
Against the wall, as you scream aloud.

I create hate.

The worst part about ignorance is that it isn't always bliss.
You all wander around fucking blind to everything you've ever missed
I won't apologize; go slit your fucking wrists
Don't struggle, don't worry...
There's no time to deal with this.

Genocide...mass suicide...
I fail to see a better way.
Darwin was wrong; the weak survived all along...
Nothing else will take them away.

I create hate.

Kill yourself; make the world a better place.
Kill yourself; breathe in my hate.